Asking for help

Asking for help

Last month I had the opportunity to speaker to a group of entrepreneurs at the NY NOW Show at the Javits Center. I spoke...Read More »


My experience and expertise will help your team develop a winning digital business strategy and maximize your online presence! I can help your organization reach out to and connect with your target audience through a web presence, social media, ad placements and organic search.

I collaborate with brands and individuals to build, launch and grow products and digital platforms that serve the needs of for-profit and nonprofit entities. For a list of consulting services, click here.

If you want to hire me for speaking, training, or workshops or consulting, please fill out the contact form so we can better understand how we can help your organization meet your business and marketing goals.


Michelle is a chemical engineer who is a lighthearted speaker that brings levity to the business of digital marketing, working in STEM fields, and philanthropy. Learn to change your career or life by opening yourself up to opportunity.

Are you looking for an energetic speaker to captivate an audience? Michelle’s workshops and speeches are filled with personal stories as well as actionable ideas.


Michelle is the founder of metrony, LLC. She works with organizations as a business consultant. In addition to writing articles and presentations, she is the author of Pinterest Tutorial a business marketing that helps businesses gain exposure and brand recognition. Find Pinterest Tutorial on Amazon

FeedFront Magazine Issue 27

FeedFront Magazine Issue 27

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FeedFront Magazine Issue 29

FeedFront Magazine Issue 29

Pinterest is perfect for content marketing -


Pinterest Tutorial: Pinterest Help for Beginners [Kindle Edition] available now on Amazon!

Twitter Card Book Cover

Learn how to use Pinterest. This fact-filled book is full of step-by-step instructions on everything from how to set up your own account, to using Pinterest for business and getting more followers. Pinterest Tutorial is for individual users and businesses. Pinterest is entertaining for the casual user and a way to generate a customer base for the business user. Businesses will find that Pinterest drives shoppers to their website, making it an easy form of free advertising. This book is for the beginning to advanced user.

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