eVolunteerism: Donate Time Remotely




The professional staff of a nonprofit can find ways to allow volunteers to work remotely. Good talent may be available and desire to donate time to a nonprofit but sometimes there are issues that prevent a volunteer from giving the time they really want to. They may not be available during the right hours. Childcare or travel costs to the office or site may be prohibitive. Working with a local cause is usually much easier than volunteering for one that is in another city.

Giving time to a nonprofit or cause not only benefits the recipient but also can improve volunteer health. In fact, 78% of volunteers feel that it lowered their stress levels.

eVolunteerism is a way in which people can give without having to leave their home or office. There are ways directors can utilize talent within their organization to make an impact. Embracing technology supplies needed labor and can reduce overhead expenses by improving marketing and communications with stakeholders.

Recruiting volunteers who are technologically savvy with skills such as social media, email marketing, database architecture and management, or graphic design can raise a nonprofit to a higher level.

Ways to Use eVolunteers Skills

  • Website Updates
  • Write Press Releases
  • Write email Blasts
  • Work on Donor Lists
  • Work on Graphic Design for Annual Reports, Marketing Brochures or Events

As anyone who has ever organized a fundraising event or community workday knows, most of the work is in the planning. Anything that reduces to time it takes to communicate or find sponsors or attract participants reduces the bottom line.

Improving the visibility and transparency of a nonprofit also helps attract donors. Directors should consider capitalizing on the skills of remote talent and open the door to more volunteers and reduced expenses.


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