Instagram adds new functionality to web app

Instagram adds new functionality to web app


Instagram added new functionality to their web app. The Instagram web app now includes a notifications tab [Figure 1] so Instagram users can see activity from their followers. The notifications also helps users find new friends on Instagram but notifying them when a Facebook friend has opened an account.


Figure 1

Social media giant, Facebook, owns Instagram. Instagram is a major social media channel in its own right. The app boasts over 400 million users. Instagram is a mobile app with most of its functionality only available through mobile devices. Instagram users upload photos to their profiles. Photos may be enhanced with filters and some in-app editing.

This change comes just a few weeks after Instagram debuted a change to its algorithm in hopes to increases revenue from the mobile app. Instagram also now allows users to manage multiple Instagram accounts from one mobile device.

In addition to the notifications tab, users can also discover and find new users and topics to follow via another Instagram feature. The URL says, “Explore” but the web page title says, “discover people.” Actually, users can discover and explore people and brands, making this a great way to build a following on Instagram.

As always, Instagram users can edit their profile bio, link and profile phots via the desktop app.