Join this Upcoming Tweet Chat

Networking is an opportunity to learn. Many take interest in networking events if there is a clear path to a money making opportunity. I disagree. A few years ago, after a series of significant events in my life, I promised myself I’d be more open to accepting invitations, pursuing opportunities and exploring open doors when they presented themselves. I was always rather quick to say “no thanks” and remain aloof allowing opportunities to move on without me. Walking through the open door can be exciting and lead to a career opportunity and almost always leads to personal growth. I simply have to step through. Recognizing that many people do not agree with me. I explain away many open doors as meeting with a potential client. Well, that’s sort of true, isn’t it? Anyone is a potential client for my digital agency.

Yesterday I was in Manhattan meeting someone who is part of the leadership team of the Lead With Giants community we belong to. When group members find themselves in the same city, they try and meet for coffee. Did I go to the meting thinking I would get something out of it! Absolutely! At the very least, I would have a new friend and colleague.

As a result of this no agenda meeting, I’m pleased to announce I will be co-hosting a Leadership Tweet Chat to find out how. It’s free!