Trade show edification

I used to dread going to trade shows. I viewed it as long days on my feet weaving through a crowded trade show floor. Sometimes I’d have to drag the added weight of a jacket with me to temper the cold meeting rooms. Then there was the hoarding. I picked up every cute piece of swag to take home to the kids so I could share my day with them. Our dog chewed up many branded squishy balls.

Trade show edification-440

Now as a regular speaker at trade shows, I actually enjoy going. I’m on a NJ Transit train writing this as it burrow under the Hudson into NY Penn station. I’m headed to a cocktail hour at the Marriot Marquis in Times Square. In two days, I’m giving a talk on calculating the return on investment of social media marketing. The day after that, I’m giving a workshop for a few hours.

I enjoy meeting people and I always have. Public speaking gives me the opportunity to meet people, travel, and learn! Yes, I learn by teaching. I’ve found that the extra research and reading I do to give a well thought out presentation is a great way to expand my viewpoint. Sometimes that requires me to get updated statistics, alternative sources or research the opposite viewpoint. When I work on either shortening or lengthening a speech to fit a conference time slot, I have to work hard to make my point and economize my words.

This week I’m talking about a Harvard business review article I read and why I disagree with its sentiment. Reading that post and the surveys it cites helped me understand my clients and how lost they felt about their investment in social media marketing.

Trade show edification