The Best Time to Post YouTube Videos

Best Time to Post YouTube Videos

A video content strategy is hopefully one piece of it. A solid content marketing strategy involves posting engaging content to the right audience at optimum times. With so many new ways to deliver video content – Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and of course YouTube – it can be challenging to know what to post and when. Experience and a good traffic analytics platform can help determine how effective your current social media strategy is. This becomes more complex when working out the details a video marketing campaign. Have you ever wondered if you are posting your YouTube videos at the right time of day on the best day of the week? I am often asked, “What more can you do to build my audience?”

It takes more than a cookie cutter approach to achieve real success a social media. At the enterprise level. For the brands I work with, we not only set goals for every campaign, but also for every piece of content too. We do a lot of experimenting. Our teams have to be open-minded and willing to consider new ideas. Lately, it seems like new features on social media channels are coming at us every month! We also routinely examine metrics and allow followers to tell us, via data, how we should proceed.

To get the most out of content, it should be posted when your audience is most active online. WE often see that online shoppers view products during the day, but don’t actually purchase until the viewing or somewhere else down the consideration phase Sometimes teams do not examine their social media data at this granular of a level. Discovering and optimizing the best times to post on social media is discussed, but it is also often ignored too. To be successful we have to adjust our strategy to align with what we measure.

I have worked hard to grow my YouTube channel: from talking to a vacant camera lens in an empty room to answering comments from my followers. Now I am an contributor.

As I grew my channel subscriber count, I always knew I needed to post new videos when my audience was most active online I had read a few articles that told me that Saturday mornings are a popular time and so are Tuesdays. What I did not is if these are good days for my subscribers!

At a, speaking engagement last year, someone asked me how to deal with the lack of YouTube data! Arg! I could not disagree more! YouTube gives creators a lot of data that can help grow a channel. I knew the best time to post on YouTube had to be in YouTube analytics, but I could never find it!

After a few failed attempts at manipulating the YouTube watch time reports, I found the data view I needed. Finding the best time to post new videos for YOUR viewers is actually easy.
To see the best time to post new videos to your YouTube channel, look at the Watch Time data. To see this report, log into your channel as an admin. Go to the Creator Studio area and then head over to your Analytics section. Under the Watch Time Report heading, choose Watch Time Report.

This is a useful report for everything from video view length, watch time in hours, views, YouTube Red watch time, YouTube Red views, and Average view duration.

YouTube’s default time duration for reporting is in weeks and days. If you do not choose a default, you’ll see daily data in your charts and tables. To see your best times to post, you will need to change these settings.

Click on the gear icon to see your default report settings. Change the frequency for charts and tables to daily. Change the unit for measuring watch time to hours. That’s it. GO back to your watch time report and see what days gave you the most views.

in order to gather data on your viewer’s behavior, you have to generate viewership data first. The only way to do this is by experimenting with upload times.

Eventually, you should establish a consistent video posting schedule. This way your followers will know when to expect new content. This is the same methodology also works for bloggers. Note to self, I am two days late getting this post up!

I do not recommend focusing only one marketing channel. Like I stated in one of my early videos, “Don’t ever be dependent on one large customer!” Brands should not solely rely on one marketing channel. If you have only one way to talk to your customers, and that avenue changes (we see it happen all the time) then your business can suddenly be in a lot of trouble fast!