Brands Should Rethink Their Video Ad Strategy


Brands Should Rethink Their Video Ad Strategy

Recently Digiday reported that an incredible 85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound muted. That seems astonishingly high, right? Keep in mind that Facebook reports a video ad view after only three seconds of play. That means, if you are sitting on the train ride home and accidentally tap the play arrow to start a video, then three seconds later, bam!; You are counted as having watched a video.

Does 85% seems crazy high to you? Yeah, me too. As an advertiser, I am more interested in viewers who stayed to watch a little longer. Someone who watched for at least 30 seconds has shown more interest and intent then those accidental three-second views.

Either way, content creators must keep in mind that a video viewer may be watching a video with the sound muted or in a setting where it is hard to hear. Videos must convey their message with the sound off as well as on. Few can get everything across to a muted watcher, but at least the main points should get through.

How does a video ad creator accomplish this? One very important feature for both the sound-on and sound-off experience is to capture the audience’s attention immediately. Tell them what they are going to see next. Tell them, and tell them quickly!

Tips for the sound-off video experience:

  • Capture viewers’ attention within the first 8 – 10 seconds. Tell the viewers exactly what they are going to see in just a few words
  • Add captions – Word-for-word caption can be added to the upload. Another option is to add text right on the screen. You do not have to add everything, just the main points
  • Show them – Try to show viewers with graphics or post-production editing, the main points of the content. Don’t overdo it by making it complicated
  • Be mindful of your average watch times – Both Facebook and YouTube analytics give channel admins average watch times. What is the average amount of time a user stays on a video? It is probably under three minutes

Anything above that is a great number! Unless you are creating step-by-step tutorials or teaching complex topics, it is best to keep videos short and sweet. If your watch time is short or your videos are not attracting your ideal audience, then it is time to rethink your scripts and audience targeting.



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