How to Check if Someone Follows You on Instagram

How to Check if Someone Follows You on Instagram

Instagram has over 700 million daily active users. If you are thinking that your business could never fit in on Instagram, maybe it’s time to reconsider. Instagram continues to siphon users away from Snapchat after blatantly copying their disappearing stories feature. Instagram stories hit 200M users and quickly outpaced Snapchat.

Building up a following is an important connection with 25 to 40-year old social media users. Engagement – likes, comments, and shares – are very imperative too. First, it is important to grow your audience. If you are managing the social media channels for a brand, then it’s typical that accounts do not follow most other users back. For example, fashion retailer Nordstrom has 2.5 million followers but only follows 423 of them back. However, if you are not managing a brand that is working on growing the follower count, be sure your vanity numbers are balanced.

It’s a common strategy for social media users to build up their numbers by following other users, waiting for them to follow back, and the unfollowing them a few days later. I don’t employ this tactic because the account ends up with a large percentage of uninterested followers. Once an account begins to build up its follower count, it can be challenging to tell if another Instagram user is following you back. Certainly, you can look at your follower list on the Instagram app. If you tap on your followers list, you will see a long list of follower usernames but here are no convenient sort of search options.

I use two tools to manage my Instagram followers. One is Hootsuite Pro, which I’ve discussed in producivity videos and blog posts. The other is an app called Followers Insight. With Hootsuite Pro an Instagram column can be added to keep track of followers. Although this makes it easy to scroll down the list, it is still not that convenient. Unfortunately, like in the native app, there are no sort or search features. In addition, you cannot tell if you are following them or not. However, it HootSuite Pro is very easy and convenient way to follow and unfollow other users from this list view.

The app I use to track followers is called Followers Insight. It has two lists, one to show me who recently unfollowed me and another to show me who is not reciprocating. It’s convenient, simple and easy to use. The biggest drawback is that if you are managing multiple Instagram accounts, the app only tracks one of them.

Followers Insight is the clear winner for me. It’s free and very easy to use. No, it does not have many features but it gets the job done. I use HootSuite Pro for other social media management so I have the Instagram Followers stream added but I don’t check that stream very often because I use the Followers Insight app instead.

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