How to Convert an Instagram Account to an Instagram Business Account

How to Convert an Instagram Account to an Instagram Business Account

The wait is over. Instagram business accounts began rolling out last week. There were sneak peaks and leaked photos of Instagram business dashboards over the past few months. There was no widespread changeover and no expected date of delivery.


Instagram is a mobile only social channel for sharing photos and videos. An image or video is required for every post. Instagram is unique in that its posts do not contain links. The lack of links make is more challenging for social media marketers to track traffic from Instagram. Many users have made large influential presences for themselves on Instagram. May represent brands. Popular categories on Instagram include travel, fashion, photography, fitness, and beauty. However, there is no limit to the brands or topics that can make an impact with Instagram


Converting your Instagram account to a business Instagram account is simple. First, you must ensure your account is ready to changeover by checking the settings. To convert to a business account, users must also have a Facebook business page.

At this time, users do have the option to switch back to a personal account.

Get an Instagram Business Account in Five Easy Steps:

  • Open Instagram and click on the ellipsis in the upper right corner of the screen to open the Options menu
  • Scroll down to the “Account” section
  • Tap on “Switch to Business Profile”
  • A screen appears to show the benefits of leaving your personal Instagram account and switching to an Instagram business account
  • Log into your Facebook profile through the Instagram app
  • Choose the Facebook page to associate with the Business Instagram account. The next screen prompts users to update their city, email and phone number.* This is your business contact information and will be displayed publicly on your Instagram business profile. Business contact information can be edited or removed anytime within Instagram. Other Instagram users can tap on a business profile’s contact information and choose to call, email or text a message, right from Instagram.
  • Tap the blue arrow at the top of the screen. That’s it! Your former Instagram personal account is now an Instagram Business account!

*NOTE: This information will be displayed on Instagram as part of your contact information