How to Delete a Chat in Snapchat

Delete a Chat in Snapchat

How to Delete a Saved Chat in Snapchat

Clearing, a saved chat in Snapchat does not delete the conversation permanently. It only removes the chat from your list of conversations with Snapchat friends. Snaps either expire when the recipient sees them or after 24 hours on the app depending on the app settings. Of course, screenshotting saves it permanently to the phone’s storage. Everyone in a chat knows if part of the conversation has been saved or screenshotted. If you want to delete a Snapchat conversation, then you have to deal with saved Snaps and screenshots.

How to Save a Snapchat Message

To save a Snapchat chat, Snapchatters must have app chat settings set to retain the Snapchat chat for 24 hours after viewing. That way the chat is still in the app after it is initially viewed. If the app set to delete a chat right after viewing, there is no way to save the chat in Snapchat. The only other way to save it is to screenshot the message and save it to your device’s storage.

To save a chat, tap or press, hold, and choose to save to save any part of a chat. This changes the width of the colored of the bar on the left side of the message to indicate the Snap is saved. Saving is forever. The chat is saved indefinitely or until it is unsaved by the recipient. So, everyone knows if someone has saved a Snap by the thickness of the colored bar next to the message. Users can save or unsave. The sender knows that as well. To thoroughly delete saved Snapchat chats, all friends in the chat must unsave and delete all saved Snaps.

Look at your list of currently saved Snapchat messages. The list of friends you have Snapped in the past persists until you remove their name by clearing the conversation. To see it the list of chats, tap the quote bubble in the lower left corner of your Snapchat screen. The screen appears blank, but swipe down to see any past saved chats.

Screenshot Snapchat Delete Chat
Screenshot Snapchat Delete Chat

How to Clear a Snapchat Chat

To clear (not the same as deleting) a conversation with another Snapchatter, press and hold the friend’s name in the app and choose settings. There you will have the option to clear a conversation. When you select to clear a conversation, Snapchat warns you that the friend’s name is merely removed from the ongoing list of conversations and that the conversation is not truly removed from the app. You’ll have to work a bit more the make sure the conversation is deleted.

How to Delete a Snapchat Chat

You can choose to delete a conversation, but it does not really delete it in the way you may hope it does. Deleting a chat – text or images – does not fully erase the chat when you opt to clear via the friend’s settings. It only removes it list Snapchat messages. Check out this blog post and YouTube video on how to find deleted Snapchat conversations to recover deleted chats in Snapchat.

How to Delete a Snapchat Conversation

If any part of a Snapchat conversation was saved in the app, you can go back and delete the chat by unsaving each Snap that was previously saved. When unsaved the colored bar is thinner than it is for a saved chat. To remove the conversation permanently, you must go back to all saved parts of the conversation and unsave each one on your phone. Any friends who saved Snaps also have to delete them form their own phones by unsaving them too

Everyone can see who saved a Snap. If you really need to make sure there is no record of a Snapchat conversation, then you will need the cooperation of your fellow Snapchatter and get them to delete it from their Snapchat too. Agree to wipe out the chats and screenshots. If you still really need to hide a Snapchat conversation, then you can change the friend’s Snapchat username and turn off notifications.

Remember that all Snapchat users can see who saved chats and who screenshotted what chat, and for anything to be deleted completely all people in the chat must unsave and delete all parts of the conversations, images, and all replies. If any part of the conversation has been saved with a screenshot, then it must be deleted from the device’s storage or image gallery.