Find Deleted Snapchat Conversations

Snapchat Find Deleted Conversations

How do you find a conversation you cleared out of Snapchat

How do you find a conversation you cleared out of Snapchat

When you delete a conversation with a friend on Snapchat, it doesn’t really go away. Snapchat warns about this when you clear out any conversation. Deleting the chain of messages, just removes the fiend’s name from the list of chats you have going on. Take a look at all the chats you have going on. The list of friends you have Snapped in the past persists until you remove their name. To see it, tap the quote bubble in the lower left corner of your screen to see your list of conversations.
To delete a conversation, press and hold someone’s name. Then tap settings. In the settings list, you will see an option that says, “clear conversation.” If you select that, Snapchat will warn you that this does not delete the conversation, it just removes the person’s name from the list. Go ahead and clear the chats with that person out. If you want to find that so-called deleted conversation, then go to your friends list to find it. Since you deleted your friend’s conversation, they won’t be listed on the convos screen. Use the search box to search for their name. After you find the friend using search, then tap their name to bring up a new blank chat. If you want to find the deleted conversation, then simply pull down on the white space area to see the supposedly deleted lines. That’s it! The conversation is not truly deleted by clearing it. That users’ name is just off the conversation list. If you really want to wipe everything out, you will have to delete the lines from here. Good luck if you’re on a year-long streak! Recently I wrote a post and added a video about how to hide who you are talking to on Snapchat. It’s easy, you can simply change the person’s name on your end. Data privacy and cyber security are major concerns. Although it may seem a bit sneaky to hide who you are talking to from family and friends, there are other reasons to keep your conversations private. Snapchat pops up a notification when you receive a new Snap. You might not want everyone to know who you are chatting with.

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