Get Increased Visibility with Facebook Live Contributors

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Get Increased Visibility with Facebook Live Contributors

Brands and businesses have been jumping on the Facebook metrony Live stream bandwagon. Social media users watch over 100 million hours* of video every day on Facebook! Live videos typically get nine to ten times more reach than an average Facebook post, so any savvy social media strategists are grateful for the algorithm-busting gift.

Get More Reach and Visibility with Live Videos

Live is the best way to interact with your followers. It also helps a page gain more followers. People love watching a video and it becomes more interesting when they can actually interact and chat with their favorite channels.

Adding a Live Contributor helps to boost that reach even more. A live video contributor can bring more visibility to the channel by announcing the upcoming live session on their own Facebook page, email list or website. Choose a contributor who has a sizeable social media following of his or her own. With planned event teasers, their audience will come watch on your page too.

Adding contributors allows a page to add more content. Business owners only have so much time in a day, having a Live Contributor adds even more content to a page, keeping is interesting and favored in the newsfeed.

Facebook Live broadcasts can last up to four hours. Ten minutes is the recommended minimum length.

Page admins can monitor live broadcasts in the Video Library. While the video is live, they can click on the “edit” icon to see live details. If needed, Page admins can also end the contributor’s live broadcast from the video detail screen.

Facebook page admins now have the ability to add live video contributors to a page’s role. This role is unique since it only allows the contributor to add live video and then choose to post it to the page, or not. After the video ends, the contributor has no more control over the page of any content, including the posted live video.

  • Live Contributors do not have access to any administrative functions of Page
  • Live contributors can go live on the iOS and Android apps

How to Assign a Facebook Live Contributor

Assigning someone as a Live Contributor is administered under a page’s settings. You must be a page admin to assign this role or any other. Admins must be Facebook friends with the person they are assigning a role to. To add someone as a Facebook Live Contributor, navigate to a page’s settings. Under “Page Roles” and add the name of your Live Contributor.


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