Google Announces Increased Security Notifications

Google announces increased security notifications


This week, Google announced the addition of more security notifications. The increased warnings will be delivered through the company’s Google Analytics platform [Figure 1]. The notification system aims to alert webmasters of about hacks and other security issues. A hacked site is one that is in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.


Figure 1 Image Credit: © Google 2016

The press release from Google states:

“Our research has shown that direct contact with website owners increases the likelihood of remediation to over 75%.“

In 2015, Google launched Safe Browsing alerts in Google Analytics. Safe Browsing notifications warn users about other compromised websites. A compromised site is one that is being used, intentionally or not, to launch malware or phishing attacks.

Last September, Google saw a 180% increase in sites getting hacked for spam compared to the previous year

The new Security Issues feature alerts web property (website) owners when there is suspicious activity on a website. To get notifications from Google about security problems, users should add all of their websites to their Google Analytics accounts. Websites should also be verified in your Google Search Console account (formerly Google Webmaster Tools).
Google offers resources to help resolve security issues. To check for security issues, or to add a web property to your Search Console account


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