How to Download a Facebook Live Video

How to Download Facebook Live Videos

Yes you can download a Facebook Live video!

If you are not using video as part of your content marketing strategy, you should consider the latest offering in video strategy: Facebook Live videos. Videos help brands connect on a personnel level. Videos can be used to demonstrate products, as first line of customer service, and to raise brand awareness.

Thirty-three percent of millennials say they buy a product because of watching a video online. [1] Almost half (46%) of video viewers completed a purchase after watching a branded video on social media. [2]

YouTube still has the overwhelming share of video views. Half of social video views take place on YouTube, 36% occur on Facebook and the remaining 14% happen on other major social channels. [2]

Once too expensive for the average business to even consider, video production costs are much less than they were just a few years ago. That is partially due to the quality level that users are willing to accept. We have grown accustomed to watching user generated content (UGC) produced on smartphones. We are even willing to make purchase decisions based on content produced by total strangers. Some social users demographics even prefer UGC video over branded versions.

There are many quality levels, video lengths, and of course, genres to work with. We can work with scripted (see the metrony YouTube channel for examples) or live streams. Each has its advantages. One of the biggest benefits to Facebook Live videos (and its equivalent, YouTube Broadcasts) is that they are extremely cheap to produce. The only possible post-production editing is to add a custom thumbnail, if desired. Other than that, creators are simply record with a mobile device or a laptop and it is done!

Facebook Live videos can be downloaded and re-used in other marketing channels. A Facebook Live product demo can be embedded into a web page to help increase conversions. The video below is an example of a Facebook Live video. I used it to demonstrate how easy it is to work with Facebook Live!

Downloading Facebook Live Videos is easy once you know where to look.

To Download a Facebook Live Video:

Navigate to the Facebook Live video you want to download on your Facebook page and click on the video for the close-up view, then:

  1. Click on edit post at the bottom of the pop-up window [Figure 1]
  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the post
  3. Choose HD or SD to download it!
  4. Re-use and re-purpose!

Figure 1

Like YouTube Broadcasts, Facebook Live videos are automatically save to your page. Be sure to check out the views and you’ll see that the live videos keep earning views for days after the initial live broadcast.

Why Download A Facebook Live Video?

Savvy brands and marketers can re-purpose live videos to get more reach and conversion out of their creation. Downloaded a Facebook Live video and then upload it to a YouTube channel. Embed it in a website product page or included it in an email campaign.

Live videos are currently earning ten times the reach of an ordinary post. Anyone experienced with the Facebook algorithm knows things change, and the increased reach may end. Savvy brands can repurpose live videos to increase page likes and reach.

For those of you who are still camera shy, try out the suggestions in my video, “How to Create a Video Without Being on Camera.”