How to Edit Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook Privacy Settings

How to Edit Your Facebook Privacy Settings

It is important to check on your Facebook settings and make sure the information you want to be private, stays private! Although you can hide information from the public, you cannot hide from Facebook itself! Facebook mines data to sell it anonymously to advertisers too. Facebook can predict what you like based on your activity on the social media channel.

To edit your Facebook privacy settings, go to:

On the mobile app tap the mobile menu in the upper right corner of the app, scroll all the way down and tap Account Settings. Then select Privacy.

I limit who can see my posts and photos to those who are Facebook friends with me. That means, the general public cannot see my photos. This does cause some inconvenient limitations. For example, if I post a work photo on my personal Facebook, I cannot share it to my brand’s page.

I also recommend setting who can send you friend requests. On LinkedIn, I’m wide open. I let anyone send me a connection because that’s a business-to-business networking channel. My Facebook profile is private. Although I am friends with many of my clients and vendors, that’s because we are truly friends! I do have a Facebook public figure page for business “friends.” Which is open to the public.

There are other reasons for limiting who sees your information on Facebook. Personal information can be used in social engineering cyber attacks. Although things such as hometown, schools you attended, and birthday can help you find friends and connect, they can also be used in social engineering attacks. Kids names, the names of your pets, and hometown are the common password reset questions! If your email is exposed on Facebook or LinkedIn, then this is all a good start at hacking into your email account and then resetting a password to something more valuable like a bank account or credit card!

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