How to Post Video to Your LinkedIn Newsfeed

Post Video to Your LinkedIn Newsfeed

How to Post Video to Your LinkedIn Newsfeed

LinkedIn has lagged behind other social channels in many features and updates. One of these was allowing videos to be hosted natively on the site. Up until now, users could not post a video directly to LinkedIn – it had to be shared from another video hosting site. LinkedIn engineering added a new feature and users can now host a video directly on their own newsfeed.

Since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn we’ve seen more than a few changes to the site. One of the most notable was the change to the privacy policy and who can see users’ posts. Posts are seen by other LinkedIn users, but they may also be seen by non-members as well.

The next major improvement is video hosting to share content on LinkedIn. Previously, LinkedIn users could only share a video from other video hosting channels like YouTube or Vimeo. Videos can be posted directly from the app but not from the desktop website. The only thing needed to post videos is an updated version of the LinkedIn mobile app.

Videos are one of the best ways to convey a message. They can be used to make a personal connection, demonstrate a product, or talk directly to potential consumers. LinkedIn has over 500 million users. It’s a unique business-oriented social media channel.

LinkedIn videos can be recorded from a smartphone or other mobile device that has the app downloaded. Posted videos are not “live” like they can be on other social channels like Facebook or Instagram. Before the video is posted, users have the chance to back out and try again. There is also an opportunity to add some text to the post and describe what the video is about.

The LinkedIn app now allows users to post a video directly to a user’s LinkedIn newsfeed. IN the past LinkedIn only allowed users to share a video from another video sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo. Learn how to post a video to LinkedIn. Follow to steps in the video and you’ll find it is rather easy to do. I have more video on LinkedIn. See the links below for more LinkedIn tutorials.

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