How to Remove a Facebook Pixel

How to remove a Facebook pixel

Yesterday I came across a question in Facebook help section. The user asked for directions on how to delete a Facebook Pixel. The person asking for help had made a mistake when they set up the pixel and wanted to remove it.

A Facebook pixel is a snippet of tracking code that tracks a Facebook user’s activity on a website. Website owners use the tracking pixel to improve their ad campaigns by remarketing to Facebook users who have expressed an interest in their products or services.


Although there was a lengthy response, the question was never accurately answered. Multiple replies to the answer asked for more information on how to delete a Facebook pixel. I use the Facebook Business Manager to manage pages and accounts. The answer is written from that perspective:

How to remove a Facebook pixel:

To delete a pixel:

  1. Go to the Facebook Business Ads Manager at Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Choose the account you are working with
  3. Then go to tools --> pixels
  4. In the lower menu, choose “actions”
  5. Then choose “edit pixel”
  6. A small pop-up box comes up with the pixel’s name
  7. Click on the “X” to the right of the pixel’s name to remove it

That’s it! That is how to remove a Facebook pixel.