How to Repurpose Live Videos

How to Repurpose Live Videos

Live video is one the of the newest phenomena in video marketing, is live video. Three major social channels, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, are favoring live video in their news feeds. Live streaming began with Facebook Live. At first, it was only available to mobile users, now Facebook Live can be streamed from desktop devices as well.

Although Instagram does have a scant website to access its channel, posting and streaming are not part of the website functionality. To post ant type of content, users must use a mobile device.

YouTube is also now offering live streaming video, names YouTube Broadcasts. Contrary to the Instagram functionality, YouTube broadcasts must be streamed using a desktop device unless the channel has over 100, 000 subscribers.

You should be incorporating video into your marketing strategy. It is increasingly difficult to get through the Facebook and now Instagram algorithms. The limited reach of some posts make is difficult to get your content seen by users even if they like your organization’s Facebook or Instagram page.

Facebook always favors its latest functionality. Currently, that new shiny toy is video content, especially live video. I have consistently witnessed live videos earn nine to ten times more reach than all other types of posts. If you do not, then you are probably falling short of reaching more of massive social audiences:

  • Facebook reports the social media giant has over 1.86 billion monthly active users
  • Instagram boasts over 600 million monthly active users
  • YouTube stats show it has over 1.86 billion monthly users that watch 3.25 billion hours each month

Some feel that a ten minute to one hour live video is not the best use of resources regardless of the reach. However, there are ways to get more out of the live content created by reusing the same content on other online channels.

Ways to repurpose live video


Crossposting is a way to share videos across multiple Facebook pages. Many organizations have more than one Facebook page. For example, a brand may have a Facebook page for the corporation and one for each of several retail locations. It is time-consuming to post a video to each local stores’ Facebook page and too expensive to create an original video for each.

Facebook pages can share videos, including live videos with a native Facebook feature called crossposting. Go to the settings of each Facebook page and add each page you want to share a video with. Pages must mutually add each other in order to share videos.

Each page will have its own metrics on views and engagement.

Embed Live Videos in a Webpage

All Facebook Live videos can be downloaded immediately after the broadcast. Instructions on how to download any Facebook video, including live broadcasts, are in the blog post.

Repurpose videos in emails. Embed videos on your website for website visitor engagement. A video on embedded on a landing page can increase conversion rates by an amazing 80%! [1] Live videos can be broadcast live on a web page, but a new embed snippet had to be added for each live stream.

Facebook Live videos can also be uploaded to YouTube. However, Facebook live videos all have a square aspect ratio. YouTube adds pillar boxes resulting in a video that is not as visually appealing. The best format is a 16:9 aspect ratio for a YouTube.

YouTube Broadcast videos can also be downloaded and repurposed. They are better for embedding on web pages and email campaigns because of the ideal aspect ratio. YouTube videos can also be pinned to Pinterest and shared on LinkedIn. Neither platform allows native video uploads, but both allow videos to be shared.

Unfortunately, Instagram does now give us the capability to download Instagram Live videos.

Email Campaigns

Videos embedded in emails can increase click0-thoughs by 200% to 300%! That is an amazing improvement. Download live videos and embed them in email campaigns that lead to an optimized landing page. For just a little more effort, your business can see a lift in clicks and conversions.

Paid Marketing Campaign

Since video content is so engaging, reuse these videos as creative content in social media and AdWords-YouTube campaigns. Both types of videos can easily be turned into ads on their native platforms.

Develop a Remarketing Audience

Watch time is a good indicator of viewer interest. Facebook and AdWords, both have retargeting options based on watch time. This data can be used by advertisers to remarket to an audience based on the amount of time they did (or did not) watch a video. No download and re-upload is required. In Facebook, this is a custom audience. YouTube offers savvy options such as retargeting viewers who viewed any video from a channel, viewed certain videos (ads or not) and more.