How to Set Up Snapchat Ghost Mode

Snapchat Ghost Mode

How to Set Up Snapchat Ghost Mode for the Snapchat map

If you are using the Snapchat maps (or maybe you didn’t know you are contributing to it) you may be surprised to find how frighteningly accurate Snapchat is at sharing your location. If you open the app and look at the Snapchat map, you’ll see that not only can you see where your friends are, you may be able to see exactly which hallway or section of a public building they are in.

For some, this may be acceptable, but for many, it’s creepy. Plus it is a huge privacy concern!

If you want more privacy on Snapchat – at least some of the time – then go into ghost mode or stop using the map all together. We know that internet giants like Google and Facebook are tracking our movement and preferences and then sell that data (albeit anonymously) to advertisers. Snapchat has an advertising platform too. So, don’t be naive and think the Snapchat map was developed entirely for fun. Data mining for advertising dollars is big business!

Enabling Host Mode by turning off the Snapchat’s location sharing is easy and takes less than a minute. You can choose who you share your location with, like just friends for example, or turn it off completely for three to 24 hours. Just go to your settings, under the gear icon. Select location data. After you tap Ghost Mode you will be able to control who is seeing your location and for how long.

Watch the video on how to change some of your Snapchat privacy settings and stop sharing your precise location with everyone.