Instagram – Four Types of Videos

Instagram – Four Types of Videos

Instagram – Four Types of Videos Used on Instagram

Instagram offers four ways to use videos. Videos can increase reach on Instagram and make your account more visible. Instagram videos can be recorded live or uploaded later. The social media channel allows uses to edit videos for the correct length.

Instagram boats over 1 billion monthly active users. It is considered the social media channel to be on for any marketing to US consumers under the age of 45. For many regions of the world, Instagram in the only social media channel, regardless of age, because it is a mobile only app. Although, the web app has recently added a few more features, Instagram is still easier to use and remains a mobile device app. This makes it popular in areas, such as Africa, where there is far less laptop and tablet use.

Videos offers a good way for brands and individuals to connect with an audience. Videos allow a business or brand to make a personal connection with consumers. Videos can promote products but can also show potential customers what everyday life looks like at the office. Social media also allows brands to converse with followers.

Instagram has several types of video content. The original was simple video post to a user’s newsfeed. Newsfeed videos are simple to create. They can have filters and users can choose a cover image for the Instagram video. Stories also allow videos although the maximum length is shorter than a newsfeed video. However, stories have many advantages such as stickers and hashtags to help gain more reach. IGTV is the newest type of video content on Instagram and is also the longest length video allowed on Instagram. This is an underutilized type of post as brands have been slow to adopt it. The content that is posted is generally repurposed form elsewhere. IGTV is an opportunity to gain more reach an Instagram. Highlights are videos saved from other posts. Highlights are great for what appears to be categories on an Instagram profile.

Four Types of Videos on Instagram

  1. Newsfeed
  2. Highlights
  3. IGTV
  4. Instagram Stories

    Instagram newsfeed videos are up to 60 seconds long. Instagram Story videos are 15 seconds long. IGTV videos can be 10 minutes long offering the best opportunity for a longer video. Approved Instagram accounts can go up to an hour on IGTV. Highlights are saved from other content.

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