How to See Popular Posts on Instagram

Popular Posts on Instagram

Instagram How to See Popular Posts on Your Account

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels for marketing strategies. Of course, the largest and most widely used is Facebook which owns Instagram al9ng with Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat. Instagram is of course, highly visual as all posts must have an image or video attached. The channel also offers a variety of video formats of various lengths to increase engagement with followers.

Instagram is a desirable channel for a brand or business looking to connect with social media users under the age of 45. The platform is a top channel used by those who have abandoned Facebook for a simpler way to connect with businesses and friends. More than half of Instagram users follow a brand on Facebook.

Posts should consider posting lifestyle photos, celebrations, events, promotions, and other imagery that connects with a follower on a personal level. Videos are especially engaging. Products are best shown in photos and videos that demonstrate how they are used in everyday life.

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Instagram for Local Social Media

Instagram works well for local social media too. Adding a location to an image increases reach for the post and works well for local social.

But how can you tell which of your posts are most popular and what type of content is working for your business? It’s challenging enough to determine who is following you back on Instagram. Hint- although you can scroll through your list of followers for that information, it’s time-consuming and not practical for an account with a large following. Third-party apps are a better solution.

To get an idea about what posts are working for you, including stories, you’ll need to convert to an Instagram business account. With a business account, you will see data and analytics not available to personal Instagram accounts. Even if you are using Instagram for personal branding, consider converting to an Instagram business can bring a boost to your social media strategy.

How to Convert to an Instagram Business Account

Converting to an Instagram business account is easy. You’ll need to connect it a Facebook business page in the process. Go to your Instagram profile then tap the hamburger menu in the upper right corner of the Instagram app. At the bottom of the next screen, choose to Account. From here you can begin the process of converting to an Instagram business account. If you already have a business account, then you can convert back to a personal account from this screen. During the conversion process, which takes just a few minutes, you will connect to your Facebook business page.

Once you convert to a business account, you will be able to see your most popular posts. Some of this data on each post including who viewed a video. Once changed over, when you go into your new Instagram analytics, then you will see what days of the week and times of day are most popular for your followers. Instagram will also show you posts that are popular with your users right in your feed (but only you can see this as an account admin.)

With Instagram insights, you’ll see per post what hashtags bring viewers to your content. You’ll also be able to share popular Instagram posts to your connected Facebook page when you are on the app. Stories are very useful and help an account get more reach. Try posting to stories and experiment with hashtags to find a set that works well and brings more reach.

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