LinkedIn Privacy Settings – Guide to Important Settings

LinkedIn privacy settings – Important LinkedIn Settings to Check

Have you visited your LinkedIn profile lately? No? Then it’s time you checked on your LinkedIn privacy settings. Keeping your social media privacy settings is important if you want control over how much information the public sees about you.

One of the most common LinkedIn settings to turn off concerns the updates themselves. By default, when you make a change to your LinkedIn profile, everyone on your network is notified. If you are looking to leave your current employer, you may not want them to notice your profile edits. On the other hand, if you are looking for recognition for a new skill, then keeve this setting on! Another little know setting change is your zip code. If you are seeking a new job or at least open to new opportunities, then make sure your LinkedIn account’s zip code matches the area you want to work in. This makes it easier for recruiters to find you.

This LinkedIn Settings video shows how to change settings such as

  • Who can see your connections
  • Profile visibility
  • How other users see you when you are browsing connections

Changing careers is not the only reasons to visit your LinkedIn privacy settings. Keep in mind that hackers looking to social engineering cyber attack their way into some other account information use social media to learn about you. Things like hometown, current city, birthdate, and pet’s names are common password reset questions. You may want to consider restricting who sees your personal information. I keep my hometown information private (but if you know me or ever met me in person, where I grew up is obvious!

Of course, updating your public facing LinkedIn profile information is also a good idea. Do you have your current employer and job title listed? Swap out that five-year-old headshot with something more current so we know who to look for at conferences! Revisit your job description and add any new awards and achievements, and job duties! Videos make a nice addition to profiles too. It gives readers and recruiters a chance to know you better before they decide to send a connection or message.

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