How to Set Default YouTube Upload Settings

How to Set Default YouTube Upload Settings

Videos are one of the best ways to tell your brand’s story. It is an engaging form of content marketing that really helps a brand make that important personal connection with viewers. I encourage my clients to incorporate video into their marketing strategy and have been for years. Video marketing content is much cheaper to produce than it was just a few years ago. The only equipment needed is a smartphone and a basic editing app. As you progress through your videography skills, you will add to and upgrade your equipment to include a quality microphone and lighting.

I hope that you are using your video content on your website. Include video in your ecommerce campaign landing pages to help viewers make their buying decision. Videos increase conversions when they are informative and demonstrate your product or brand in a clear manner.

YouTube is probably one of your other video hosting spots. It is after all, the second largest search engine after Although the search volume is less, so is the competition. SEO for YouTube is a bit easier too. YouTube creators need to understand how their descriptions and titles help them be discovered. Consulting a channel’s YouTube analytics on a regular basis will also help to grow your YouTube channel’s audience.

Adding relevant information to a YouTube’s video description (the text below the video) helps other people find your content. That means it is easier for you to reach a larger audience through the suggested videos. shown as “Up next” in the right-side column on a YouTube channel or watch page. When you have lengthy information to include with each video, such as your contact information or useful links from the video, filling it out each time can be time consuming and lead to mistakes.

I have a long block of text on each of my Youtube videos that includes all of my social media contact information and a generic description and title that are altered with every new upload. I also have the category set, as well as the language, privacy settings, category, ad formats allowed etc… There are 15 default settings for every video. Use all of them!

Instead of starting from scratch each time a new video is uploaded to YouTube, adjust the default settings so you at least have a base of settings and descriptions to work with. It is a time saver and helps reduce errors. Although a lot of the information must be edited each time, like date and location, it is still a great time –saver.

Figure 1

Here’s How to Set Default YouTube Upload Settings

  • Go to your YouTube account
  • Sign in as an administrator
  • In the top right, select the “Creator Studio”
  • In the menu on the left, drop down the Channel menu then choose “Upload defaults” [Figure 1]
  • Set your default settings
  • Choose “Save”

After the defaults are set, every time a new video is uploaded, these default settings, including description text are auto-populated. I do customize my title, description and keywords for every video and you should too! It is a good idea to set these to match the actual content of each video. It will help your video be more discoverable via YouTube searches. Even though my social media connections remain the same and are listed in the description field, the three-sentence description and title of the video are specific and unique to each situation.