Setting Goals

With the start of every new year, there is always talk of new goals. I see many new faces in the gym, those who want to get in shape or lose weight. My leadership group is loaded with talk of ambitious endeavors. Entrepreneur friends want a new startup opportunity or to grow their existing business to a new level.

Setting Goals

My goals include:

  • Revise my book and get one, if not two more out the door!
  • Spend more time on my start-up and beat a few deadlines
  • Grow the nonprofits I work with now and give more to charity
  • To travel more

No matter what the goal, don’t let anyone squash your dream or ideas. Listen to good advice from secure, knowledgeable people but do not give into the naysayers. Negativity can stem from fear, jealousy and other insecurities.

Make your goal more than just a wish. Plan the steps and take notes. You do not have to know all the steps to the end, you will learn along the way.
Ten days from now, I will have taken a few more steps along the paths of two of my goals. As I sit on the long plane ride, maybe I will write a little as well. Every day I think about my goals and what I can do to get there.

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