Seven Ways to Instantly Make Your YouTube Videos Better!

Seven Ways to Instantly Make Your YouTube Videos Better!

You should be on YouTube! It is a good addition to your search engine optimization strategy as well as your social media marketing effort. Videos are an engaging way to reach your audience. There is something for everyone on YouTube. The social channel appeals to all age ranges. YouTube has over a YouTube has over one billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet.

YouTube overall, and even YouTube on mobile alone, reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S.

If you are working on your YouTube channel, be patient. Remember how it was when you first built your website? It takes effort, consistency and patience as your start to build your website content. It is important to pay attention to viewers’ watch times, so you can where your users are dripping off, what is popular, and what appeals to them. This will help your channel gain popularity and build a following.

There are, however, some easy additions you use to enhance your videos to make them instantly more appealing to users. Below are Seven Ways to Instantly Make Your YouTube Videos Better. These are tasks you can start using right away!

Seven Ways to Instantly Make Your YouTube Videos Better


is the channel icon or messaging in the lower right corner of the screen. Viewers can click on it to go to the channel to see all of your videos. It is a good way to encourage users to subscribe.


– YouTube annotations make YouTube videos video clickable. Viewers can click on the annotation and go to the associated website, a YouTube channel, fundraising platform, or other. The downside to annotations is only desktop users see them. So check you analytics and see what your viewership uses to watch your channel.

YouTube Cards

– YouTube Cards are the replacement for YouTube Annotations. For now, both annotations and cards function. YouTube Cards work for mobile viewers and have the same functions but only appear as an “information available” icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Many have reported increased click-thrus with Cards. Cards look much nicer than Annotations. Admins are able to choose their own artwork for each Card.

Featured Video

– A YouTube Featured Video is the one at the top of the channel, just below the cover art. A Featured Video can be used to announce a promotion, or better yet, to inform viewers what a channel is about. Featured videos are changed as often as desired. Subscriber and non-subscribers can be shown the same or different videos, depending on their status.


– YouTube playlists are a good way to organize a YouTube channel. As you add more videos, it can become harder to find older videos should a viewer wish to refer back to older content. Playlists organize videos by topic, date, or however you wish to name them.

Cover photo / cover art

– Cover art, banner image, cover photo, however you want to name it is the large image at the top of a YouTube channel. Like a Featured Video, it conveys messaging. Don’t let your messaging be “I didn’t bother to customize any channel art!” Create an image that supports your branding message. There are no restrictions on text coverage, so be sure to include other ways for viewers to find you online!

Intro clip

– An introductory video clip at the beginning of each video is a way to grab viewers’ attention. Like the title screen, an intro clip tells the user in under ten seconds (preferably five seconds) what the video is about. With an intro clip, the user does not have to wait to see if your video is what they were looking for. It can grab attention and keep viewers engaged.

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