Six Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Twitter Strategy

Six Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Twitter Strategy

Twitter is still an active social media channel. Some may want to discount the platform as a dying or even dead platform. For personal brands, Twitter may be one of the best channels to make a personal connection. Twitter Corporate Stats has over 313 million monthly active users. The overwhelming majority of them, 82%, access the social media channel via a mobile device. The channel remains a valuable social media channel for those building a personal brand. Getting the hang of how to wield 140 characters can be challenging. Below are a few tips to help your brand avoid common pitfalls on the busy social media channel.

Twitter Mistake #1: Missing or Blurry Images

Social media channels all have a space for profile photos. The profile images, when left unset show the default platform specific placeholder image. On Twitter, that placeholder profile images used to be an egg shaped silhouette. Now the Twitter default profile images is a faceless silhouette with a floating head.

Not uploading your own profile image – a headshot if for a personal brand or a logo for a business Twitter account – is a mistake. Other users are unlikely to follow or retweet a Twitter account that does not have a clear profile image. Why? Missing or fuzzy images are the mark of a spammer or internet troll. Other serious social media users will simply ignore you or worse yet block your Twitter account. Gasp!

A personal brand should feature a nice, clean headshot. If you do not have a high-quality profile photo, then enlist the help of a friend or a professional photographer. Be sure to change it every year or two to keep your account looking fresh unless you don’t age for some freakish reason. Afterall, you do want people to recognize you in person if you ever meet!

Profile images serve as a first impression. They are the most important image on any social media account. A profile image is the one that appears next to every single comment and interaction. It’s truly your first impression – make it count!

Twitter Mistake #2: Missing Descriptions

In close proximity to every social media profile image, is the account description. Every social media channel gives users the opportunity to state who they are and what their mission is. The character count varies per social media channel, but the purpose is the same. Like profile images, descriptions should not remain empty.

Descriptions are an opportunity to introduce yourself and your organization. Like missing profile images, blank decryptions cause users to ignore your tweets. It is challenging to build and maintain a quality audience. Don’t give viewers a reason not to follow back.

Twitter Mistake #3: Text Only Tweets

Include an image with as many Tweets as possible. The Twitter stream is fast moving and cluttered! Tweets that only contain text get fewer retweets and engagement. They simply get lost in the crowded conversation. If you are actually conversing with someone across Twitter, then the image is not necessary. However, for an account that is posting to share helpful content, include an image whenever possible. Use large, sharp colorful images that stand out in the bust feed. Twitter accepts video uploads too!

Twitter Mistake #4: Posting Irregularly

Twitter accounts can be as active as you want them to be. My metrony Twitter account post at least 1o times every weekday. That does not include retweets or replies. That volume works for me on Twitter. My Facebook page has about one post per day. In contrast, my Pinterest account might post up to 40 times per day. You have to get a feel for each social channel and what sort of frequency is required to be successful without turning your audience away.

Whatever frequency you decide is right for your account, be sure to post on a regular basis. That means, don’t tweet five time per day for a month, then disappear for the next month and come back. Power users will have filtered you out and unfollowed your Twitter, writing you off as a stale account. Stick to a schedule, even if it is only once per day or even once per week.

Twitter Mistake #5: Tweet Only Your Own Content

Selling 100% of the time is a buzz killer! This is a challenging topic for many social media newbies. Find a way to share content, that is not your won, but still relevant to your followers. For example, if your brand sells fitness equipment, then include other healthy lifestyle tips. For example, post recipes or ideas about where to go for a hiking adventure. Make your Twitter account about being a resource that people will want to check in on for useful information.

Twitter Mistake #6: Stay Professional My Friend

We’ve all seen some hilarious Twitter war wins. The recent example of Wendy’s and their Twitter rant about their fresh hamburgers was humorous and successful. The rant by the official Wendy’s corporate account won lots of positive press. Unfortunately, a Twitter war can go seriously wrong for a brand. Unless sarcasm is part of your shtick, refrain from engaging in Twitter wars or other social media rants. It’s too risky. Handle your public outreach with quality customer service and genuine respect.