Social Channel Instagram Evolves

Social Channel Instagram Evolves

Instagram announced last week, the social channel is altering its algorithm to show users posts they are likely to “want to see.” Currently posts to show in reverse chronological order. Instagram boasts over 400 million active users.


This algorithm change is not unexpected. The new format is similar to Facebook’s methodology. Facebook owns Instagram. After a long test period, Instagram opened up advertising to everyone last fall. Advertisers only need a Facebook page to advertise on Instagram. Yes! That’s correct. You do not need an Instagram account to advertise on Instagram. Ads can be posted and managed from your Facebook ads manager.

Instagram now allows video ads too. The race to capture video users is heated. Facebook made it clear that it wants a bigger portion of YouTube’s audience. Facebook favors native video in organic posts. Both Facebook and Instagram have video ad capability.

A study by Quintly showed the average Instagram brand posts just over one time per day. This is an increase over the first half of 2015. However, as the social channel grows, the engagement rate dropped significantly, by 40% [Figure 1]. According to the Quintly study, video posts increased from 1.78 posts per day to 2.77 on Instagram.


Figure 1

This may be due to the larger audiences that brands boast but it is a metric to keep an eye on. Engagement from Instagram is difficult enough to track. Posts cannot contain links so there are no click though rate metrics to track. However, Instagram ads do have actionable buttons including “learn more” and “shop now.”

Instagram gave us the ability to manage multiple accounts from one device. This is available for Android and iOS users. The remainder of the recent updates (algorithm, ads platform) have been to improve Instagram’s bottom line.