Social Media Profile Image Sizes

Social Profile Image Sizes

Optimizing images for social media involves taking the time to create content for a particular audience on the appropriate social media channel. Social media content does not work well with a one-size fits all social sites approach. For example, you would not share an unboxing video on LinkedIn, but the video would be perfect content for metrony YouTube channel!


Your social media profile photos are not one size fits all either. Your profile photo, whether it’s your photo because you are a personal brand or your company logo, is THE most important image to optimize for social media. People see your profile photo most often. It accompanies every post and comment you make. It is important that your profile photo be optimized to look good on each social channel and match across all online presences. This can be a bit challenging when most social sites have square profile photos while a few (Pinterest, Instagram and Google+) have round profile photos. Each site has a different recommended image size.

Another very important and useful social photo is the banner photo, sometimes called a cover image because that is its name on Facebook. Your cover photo is the large banner image at the top of most social profiles. There are exceptions like Pinterest, Instagram. This photo can really a lot of information quickly through product shots, contact information, and even pricing! It is important that your cover photo is not blocked by other elements on the page like buttons or text.
Below are size guides for each social channels’ profile and cover photos. They do change periodically and for no apparent reason. So be sure to check on your social sites on desktop and mobile versions to make sure they always look good.

Social Profile Image Sizes

Profile Banner
Facebook 180 x 180 851 x 315
Instagram 110 x 110 (web 180×180) (circle)
LinkedIn Personal 400 x 400 1400 x 425
LinkedIn Co. 110 x 110 646 x 220
Google+ 250 x 250 (circle) 1080 x 608
Pinterest 165 x 165 (circle)
Twitter 400 x 400 1500 x 500
YouTube 2560 x 423 (1546 x 423 mobile)


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