Social Media Strategy in 5 Steps

Social Media Strategy in 5 Steps [Infographic]

How do you develop a social media strategy? It’s not as difficult as you may think. Maybe you already have a Twitter or even a Facebook page. Take the time to break down your social media strategy into manageable steps so you can start talking!

1. Identify your social networking goal. Do you want to provide customer service to existing customers? Acquire new customers? Reach out to investors? This goal should align with your overall business strategy.

2. Identify your audience. Who is your audience now? Who would you like it to be? If you goal from step 1 is to find a clientele with more disposable income to align with your overall business strategy to increase revenues, then you will want to establish a rapport with customers who interact with high-end brands.

3. What networks are your competitors using for the same purposes? First you must know who your competitors are. This should be data your business strategist has. Brands have links to their social networks right on their websites, so finding where your competitors interact isn’t difficult.

4. Beef up your website with appropriate content that aligns with your goal from step 1. Also be sure to include information that is simply useful to your audience. Make your website a destination for readers. For example if your website is about batteries for recreational vehicles, consider making a blog about places to ride your ATV, events, maintenance tips, etc… Don’t just push your own products.

5. Appoint a dedicated social media manager if you can or choose 2 to 4 social networks you can honestly devote time to. Some networks are complimentary. e.g. Pinterest and Instagram are a good fit since both are image based. Google+ recently changed its layout to look more like Pinterest with an image based layout. LinkedIn is a necessity for a business. Although an image is not required to pot on Google+, the account looks more attractive when you use images. Facebook is easy to integrate with Twitter.


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