Social Media Strategy for Unsexy Businesses

Is Your Business Too Boring for Social media?

Travel, beauty, fashion, tech and food are all easy topics to work into a social media strategy. These industries are naturally popular because of their broad appeal. IN addition, they are ALL easy to represent in photographs. Who doesn’t love to sift through travel photos and dream of new destinations?

Not all businesses are as easy to promote on social media. Many B2B brands are a challenge. Think of your paper for your photocopier, the company that manufactures contact lenses or other products and services. Lately, I have heard these labeled as boring or even unsexy!

Last year during a webinar about social media audits, an attendee asked about his “unsexy” business. He wanted to know what sort of content he could use. He was convinced his family-owned moving company could never be successful on social.

A social media marketing strategy for unsexy businesses is indeed challenging, but it is not impossible. The moving company is actually easy to work with on social. The owner just needed to expand his thinking and remember all the reasons why his company is helpful to their clients. Almost everyone moves at least once in their life, even if is just a temporary move to a college dorm. Not everyone uses a moving service, but they all have the same concerns and needs.

This same philosophy applies to any marketing campaign no matter if it is boring or sexy! Think about your brand’s mission, purpose, and value proposition. What is it that keeps you in business? How is your company or product better than the competition?

A so-called boring business can draw on all types of content that is useful to their potential customers. The moving company should emphasize that it is family owned and why that is an advantage over a national chain. They can convey this through blog posts. Address movers’ concerns and incorporate it into your marketing and social media plan.

These are perfect for photos and video content. Show the potential client how to pack, talk about selecting a good neighborhood for that suits their needs, remind them about insurance, point out nearby transportation and local schools. Obviously the helpful staff, clean moving vans, and happy customers all make for good content.

On January 15, I will be speaking about boring businesses at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. I have some case studies of large corporations including a famous municipality, truck parts, and taxes! What is more boring than taxes? Actually, I can name a few genres!

I hope to see you at Affiliate Summit West 2017.