Top Five Money Making Affiliate Marketing Offers

Top Five Money Making Affiliate Marketing Offers

Affiliate marketing involves selling other company’s products or services in exchange for a commission. Affiliate marketers tend to do best when they sell products related to a niche like fitness or camera equipment. As you build traffic to your website, you may or may not have a plan in place to monetize it. Besides affiliate marketing, website owners can also make money by selling banner ad space or better yet, by selling their own products.

Selling affiliate marketing offers is the quickest to get started with. You, of course, need a website or a customer list to market to via email or messaging app. There are established affiliate marketing companies like Conversant and Clickbank that act as an intermediary between affiliate marketers (called publishers) and companies that have affiliate programs.

The intermediary generally has hundreds if not thousands of offers from various companies to choose from. How do you know which offers are selling? Look at the earnings per click (EPC) stats on a weekly, monthly and quarterly to see what is trending. I went through Conversant’s (formerly Commission Junction) reporting and came up with these top programs based on network earnings. Below are the top five money making programs according to Conversant.

  1. Apparel
    In the top five money making list there were a few affiliate offers related to apparel. Zappos was at the top of the list with a three-month EPC of $10.57 USD and a seven-day EPC of $13.42 USD. Each sale nets a Sale: 7% commission. Right behind Zappos is Urban Outfitters, and White House Black Market, as well as Tory Burch
  2. Travel
    Travel site Virbo had hefty network earnings with a three month EPC of $33.20 USD, a seven day EPC of $38.23 USD. Commissions on Virbo’s sales are only 2% or $20.00 USD. Further proof that travel offers are a good niche to get into. Hotel providers Trip Advisor and Travelocity were also top networks earners.
  3. Credit Cards
    Credit card offers can fit into any website because of their mass appeal to both personal and business users. USAA’s network earnings showed a three-month EPC of $72.20 USD and a seven-day EPC of $59.63 USD. Each sale earned $25.00 and each lead earned $1.00 to $30.00.

    The popularity of the credit card offers may be related to the seasonal increase to the next top affiliate program, tax software!

  4. Tax Software
    Although this is probably a seasonal increase in earning, Intuit’s Turbo Tax saw huge network earnings over the last three months. The tax service reported network earning with a three month EPC of $114.66 and a seven-day EPC of $6.66.

    Competitor TaxAct was also listed as a top affiliate network earner.

  5. Business services
    Online discount printing service, Vistaprint, USA reported three month EPC of $44.83 USD and a seven-day EPC of $75.58 USD. Since printing is something every business still needs, this may be a good niche to get into or an addition to your existing offers.
    Wireless and FiOS provider, Verizon was also listed with top network earnings for their affiliate program.

To get started in affiliate marketing find a few products that relate to your readers’ interests, get the links, and promote it to others via your website or email list.