How to Use Insights to get more Followers on Instagram


How to use Instagram insights to get more or of Instagram account

Instagram business account users are privy to additional data not available to personal accounts. Specifically they can tell what content resonates best with followers and when. They also see an age range and gender breakdown of followers. Instagram business accounts track reach, impressions, and profile views as well as other stats.

This past summer Instagram rolled out a change to the mobile app that allowed any user with a Facebook business page to change their Instagram account to the business version. The conversion to an Instagram business account has other benefits beside data; Business accounts also contain contact information and can Promote Posts.

Instagram is a mobile only social media channel with over 500 million monthly active users, second only to parent Facebook. Over 90% of the people on Instagram are under the age of 35, Popular topics on Instagram include travel, fashion, media, beauty, fitness but really any lifestyle photos can do well in Instagram. If your product or service is not in one of those groups then you will have to work a little harder to engage users and build up a following.

To find an Instagram business account’s insights, go to the app on your smartphone. After logging in, tap the bar chart icon in the upper right corner. The first data that appears is the number of impressions the account received in the past seven days as well as how much of an increase or decrease that number represents. Swipe left to see reach and profile views.

Below the reach/impressions/views carousel, Instagram business users can see their top posts for the past seven days. Posts are ranked according to the number if impressions they received. Retroactive data, extending before the account’s conversion to a business account, is available by tapping on “see more” to and choosing a timeframe to view. Top Instagram posts can be broken down by video and photo posts.


Scroll down below the Top Posts section to see how many followers the account has. Tap on “see more” next to the blue bar chart for a breakdown by gender, age range, follower location, days, and hours of the week followers are active.

Although the data presented in Instagram Insights is a little thin, it is the essentials of what a brand needs to know to get more Instagram followers.

The first data to pay attention to what are the account’s top posts. Testing out different types of photos and videos will give you an idea of what type of content appeals to your audience. Top posts are ranked by how many impressions each received. Look at each post and see how many comments and hearts (likes) each post received. Although impressions is useful to calculate ROI of a social media strategy, the user interactions are better measures of how well the content resonated with followers and even non-followers.
Remember an Instagram Business account is public! Only personal accounts can be set to private. Any user, weather they follow the brand or not, can comment or like a business account’s post.

Next, look at the days of the week and hours of a day followers are active. Notice which days and hours users are most active. This gives an idea when ideal times to post are. Post engaging content during high use days and hours to get maximum effect.

If your follower breakdown us skewing in the wrong direction – more male than female or wrong age range , then you have to adjust content to appeal to your ideal audience. Strangely, my most popular post on Instagram is about Snapchat!

What we cannot see is what content gains more followers. Another critical element that can have a huge impact on account post popularity is hashtag use. Instagram does not tell us what hashtags are earning the most comments, hearts, and followers. There are third party tools to help out with that such as