The Value of Influencer Marketing

The Value of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a hot search term. A quick check with Google trends shows us the searches for the phrase “influencer marketing” is increasing rapidly. The increase became even more dramatic since approximately February 2015.

Brands have embraced the idea of influencer marketing, but struggle to find the right mixture of influencer audience size, blend of social media channels and the right content for each.

Online marketers have known for some time that consumers trust word of mouth marketing. They will consider the recommendations of people who have tried a certain product, stayed at a hotel, or previously enjoyed a meal at a restaurant they are considering – even when the recommendation comes from someone they do not know!

Micro and macro influencers were defined in a previous blog post. Many think that influencer marketing is new, but it is not. Yesterday, I watched John Hamm pitch H&R Block tax services during a television spot yesterday. We are accustomed to seeing celebrities and sports stars endorse products. Online marketing through micro influencer blogs and macro influencer social media posts is relatively new, but gaining popularity.

An ExpertCity study showed that 82% of consumers have a “high tendency” to follow the recommendations made by a micro-influencer. Micro influencers are effective because they are sincerely interested with a product or service and they are engaged with their audience – whether they be a social media following, YouTube viewers, or blog subscribers.

More than 60% or online marketers plan to use influencer marketing this year. As with any other strategy, measuring return on investment (ROI) is important. A campaign managed with the NeoReach platform hit an amazing 5-to-1 ROI for fantasy sports league client FanDuel!

Besides sales and increased website traffic, there are perks to using influencers marketing: Campaigns can help your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy! Influencers eventually have to send their audience shopping via a link to your eCommerce website. The traffic and sales data is how they justify their existence. Be sure that links are not set as “nofollow” links. Lower ranking websites will at least yield more backlinks, but a link from a higher ranking website can really boost your organic traffic!

With loyal and sincere influencers, you also end up with positive reviews and conversation about your products and brand. Good reviews are very important to your eCommerce survival!

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