What is the Goal of Your Website?

What is the Goal of Your Website?

I have been a very successful affiliate marketer. I also serve as a consultant to other businesses, helping them with their online marketing strategies. A large part of my time is spent on studying the differences between social channels and how to maximize each. Whether you are just starting a new business, adding an online strategy to an already established business, or looking to improve an already digital marketing strategy, it is important to establish expectations and goals. I have done talks about return on investment (ROI) and goal setting with respect to online marketing, and I am always amazed to see that many agree but then embark on a campaign that has no hard-set goals.

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What is the goal of your website? Have you thought about it? Your website’s purpose in life is tied to what genre of website it is – informational, ecommerce, blog, directory, etc…

Example website goals include:

  • Share knowledge (public transportation route information)
  • Educate the consumer (car dealer websites)
  • Book appointments (home service businesses)
  • Sell products online (clothing retailer)

    Whatever your goal is, it is important that your website echo your purpose. As your business grows, your goals will change and so will your website. Work on an online presence that suits you today with prospective growth in mind. Come up with a solution that is reasonable for today’s budget, yet scalable for tomorrow’s successes!

    If you website is established for the sake of customer support, then the goal is to reduce the amount of phone calls to customer service reps. If you want to sell a product, like men’s shirts, online then you have an ecommerce website. Your initial goal is to sell one short online. After that goal is achieved, it is increased. The next goal may be to sell one short online every day. After that, sell ten or one-hundred shirts. Identifying goals is important. Without a clear goal, it is difficult to set-up a website in a logical manner. It is impossible to measure the effectiveness of the website or an online marketing campaign without knowing what the purpose it.

    What is the Goal of Your Website

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