Why Your Website Needs a Color Scheme

Why You Need a Website Color Scheme?

Your marketing material, business cards, logo, product packaging, informational materials and website should all always be “on-brand.” When a business is first starting out this may be a challenge, especially if you do not have an eye for color and design. Even if graphic artists you are your specialty, you may very well go through several logo/look-and-feel-color scheme changes over the course of your business’s life.


When something is on-brand, it matches to color scheme, look and feel, sound, and scents associated with your brand or business. Think of Apple Computer as a company. Everything about their products websites, apps, and products is tightly controlled and always on-brand. The websites are white and bright with clean product images. Products are easy to use. Even the cardboard box a new Apple device arrives in is designed to convey the high-end, clean oh-so-worth-the-money design Apple is known for! Apple customers get good experiences and as a result, are willing to pay more for the product.

Apple packaging is easy to recognize even without seeing the iconic Macintosh Apple logo. Apple makes sure all of its marketing materials deliver a similar, seamless customer experience. The experience is part of being on-brand. The visuals of the packaging matters too as well as the design of the products themselves. The marketing materials and ads match the branding. Its clean, bright and family friendly.